Member Onboarding

The club only needs a list of all of the emails of all of the members in order to onboard users into Circuit. If they are in a spreadsheet, they can easily be copied and pasted into the “Add User” area of the application. At that point, an email invitation is sent from the Head Pro or Caddie Master to each email address via

From the member’s perspective, they will receive an email from that says they have been invited to use Circuit to pay for caddies at your club by your Head Pro. When they click on this secured link, they will be asked to fill in their name, create a password for the website and create a digital pin for the Digital Chit (We suggest their member number to make it easy on them.)

Then, they will be directed into Stripe to enter their payment information. Ideally, they will enter both ACH and credit card information into Stripe. The ACH is far less expensive to process payments but requires some leg work, but the credit card is far easier to enter, is ready to use immediately but is more expensive to process payments.

ACH: After the member enters their bank account information, Stripe will send two micro deposits into that bank account. When the member receives the two micro deposits within two working days into their bank account, they must go back into their Stripe account through their Circuit account in order to confirm and validate that bank account for payments.

Circuit Caddie is available on any device by visiting

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