Club Onboarding

Circuit Caddie recommends a ready, set & go approach to onboarding. Once the decision has been made to give members the availability to utilize Circuit Caddie to pay caddies at the club, the organizer at the club will need to spend about 30 minutes on a telephone call with a customer service representative of Circuit Caddie to get the club set up in the database. At this time, the organizer will choose the terms and conditions that each caddie must accept prior to each round and the questions in the member satisfaction survey that each member will receive post every round.

Once the organization is set up, the club needs to decide on a launch date. About a week ahead of the launch date, the organizer should send a specific email to all golfers specifically announcing the Digital Chit, Circuit Caddie and the idea of cashless caddie payments. The email will announce the official launch date and should include links to Circuit’s website, links to Stripe payment processing information, links to some of the outstanding lawsuits out there surrounding clubs and caddie programs, and even links to a few of the IRS guidelines. This email would also explain the workflow in detail.

A few days before the official launch date, the club should send a reminder that the official launch date is only a few days away.

The day of the launch date, the club should send an official reminder right after the invitation has been sent telling the members to look in their junk and spam folders for an email invitation from
For the caddies, simply instruct the caddies to bring their bank account or debit card information with them on their first day. Signing up a caddie when they have their bank information takes less than 5 minutes. If they do not have their bank account or debit card information, they can still use Circuit Caddie for the loop. Unfortunately for the caddie, the money will be waiting for them in their Stripe account until they enter the bank account or debit card information where they would like Stripe to send their money.

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