Introducing the Digital Chit

An easier, safer and better way to pay caddies

“Why can’t I just sign a chit for my caddie!?”

-Golf members everywhere


The members step up to any connected device, enter the tip and approve payment. It is even easier than the old fashioned way.


Answer a few specific questions about the caddie experience.

This data is aggregated for the caddie, the caddy master and the Head Pro. They will know specifically how to improve their caddy program and be able to track their progress over time.

No need for a cell phone, no need for a wallet.


Caddies accept the terms of conditions of each loop, significantly reducing the liability of the member and the club.

Eliminate the need for a cash box, and eliminate the health risks associated with cash changing hands.

Play and pay.

No more last minute trips to the ATM. No more carrying cash around. Circuit Caddie allows club members to pay and tip their caddie directly through the Digital Chit™. Step off the course, click a button and done.
Circuit Caddie is available on any device by visiting

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